Strange Laws

Amazing Laws of Different Countries


Singapore Ban on Import, Trade, Manufacturing and Selling

Singapore is well known for its restrictions or ban on Import, Trading, Manufacturing and Sale of chewing gum. This excludes therapeutic, dental and nicotine chewing gum, which can be purchased from the registered druggist. So it is wrong to say that it is a crime to chew gum in Singapore. This ban was imposed on January 3, 1992. The main reason of this ban was the increase in singapore’s annual expense i.e. $150000 annually on cleaning the mess of chewing created at public property such as cinemas, parks, museums.  The another main reason was obstruction in smooth functioning of MRT Trains as vandals stuck chewing gum on sensors of its doors. The person convicted in trading and import of banned item would be sentenced for upto 2 years of prison and or hefty fine of upto $1000.

Western Australia- Restriction on Possessing Potatoes above 50 KG

It has been claimed that it is crime to own 50 Kilogram or above potatoes in Western Australia. This is because of Section 22 of Marketing of Potatoes Act 1946, which makes it illegal to deliver, buy or take delivery of 50 Kilogram or more Potatoes. If you are obtaining membership of the Potatoes Corporation or you are a certified agent then you are free from these restrictions. But if you do not fall in the category of certified member or an agent and you are holding the quantity more than 50 Kilos then you are a rule breaker  in the eyes of law and you could be fined with $2000 or above for this offense

San Franscisco- Pigeon Feeding

It is not allowed in San Francisco to Feed Pigeons within the city limits. This law was implemented as the pigeons were creating numerous problems in the city like damaging the public property/spaces by their droppings, can spread many life threatening flu/diseases such as meningitis and salmonella and also feeding produces over breeding. So it is against the law to feed pigeons in San Francisco and the violators may be fined upto $300.


Well it is advisable that a married man should remember the birthday of his wife as if you forget it, you could get into great trouble and it will turn to a crime in the eyes of your wife. Here in Samoa, it is actually a offense in the eyes of law to forget your wife’s birthday, if she report it to the police, you may be sentenced to imprisonment.


In Denmark, there is strict law on child naming which states that the name of the child must reflect their gender and the chosen name must not have any adverse affect on the well being of child. Parents have to choose the name of their child from the list of 7000 pre approved names or they must submit the application to the registrar with the proposed name of their children. It is on the part of government whether to accept or reject it after reviewing the application. 

Turin, Italy

In a city of Italy named Turin, it is mandatory for a dog owner to walk dog three times a day. If you don`t do so, you must be fined upto $650. This is because Italy reflects itself an animal loving nation and that is why they are protecting their animals’ under Animal Protection Acts.