Amazing Science Facts

Most Amazing Science Facts


#1 The Eiffel Tower can be stretched upto 15 cm in the summer season

The Eiffel Tower could be 15 cm tall than its original length during summer season which is due to thermal expansion. When a substance is heated up, its particles move more and it takes up a larger volume – this is known as thermal expansion. On the contrary, drop in temperature could causes contraction of the metal particles. The mercury contained in a thermometer, for instance, rises and falls as the mercury’s volume changes with the change in temperature. This is the main cause that large structures such as bridges are built in way that their joints have some margin to expand and contract without causing any damage. We have some more interesting facts on the most amazing laws of the world.

#2 Amazon Rainforest contributes 20% of Earth’s oxygen

Our atmosphere comprised of about 78% of Nitrogen along with 21% of Oxygen and mixture of other gases. Oxygen is a major contributor for the survival of living being on this earth. Plants and tree are the major producers of oxygen through photosynthesis. During this process, carbon dioxide and water are converted into energy, releasing oxygen as a by-product. Amazon rainforest covers the area of about 5.5 million Square Kilometer which produces a significant proportion of the Earth’s oxygen, absorbing large amount of carbon dioxide. Here are some other Amazing facts of the world, compiled just for your.

#3 Life on earth will be impossible in future

With the passage of time and increase in nature’s imbalance due to human intervention, we are facing climatic effects such as increase and decrease in the stay/length of seasons. There is also a progression in temperature as the sun is getting hotter day by day.

This is due to the increase in reach of Ultra Violet Rays to the earth’s surface and the main cause of this is depletion of ozone gases from our atmosphere.
An estimate reveals that if this imbalance in nature continues then the survival of life in the earth will become next to impossible in coming years. We have some more interesting and mysterious places extracted just for you

#4 We can freeze and boil water at the same time

Yes, this is a facts. The point where water can boil and freeze at the same time is called as ‘triple point’, as according to some intellectuals. It happens at the time when the pressure and temperature of all the three phases (solid, liquid and gas) altogether forms a stage of perfect thermodynamic equilibrium and is tricky to achieve. More amazing facts are waiting for your to checkout.

Another school of thoughts put forwards their way of getting into this state of boiling and freezing of water at the same time. They are of opinion that the theme exists but there is nothing as triple point. It is simply adding energy to the substance by transforming its state from liquid form to gaseous form and thus forming a pressure on the liquid. The trick of taking out sufficient amount of energy rapidly from the liquid during the transitioning process of solid to gaseous form can turn liquid to ice.

#5 ‘Caesium’ The Most reactive metal

Certain metals like potassium, lithium, rubidium,caesium and sodium etcetera are so reactive that they could oxidise instantly when exposed to air. Also, these metals could produce explosion when coming into contact with water. Caesium (Symbol: Cs, Atomic No.55) metal is considered as the most reactive of all metals. It is so reactive that it can trigger in water with the tenperature of -177° F. It produce Caesium Hydroxide when ignite explosively in air. Checkout some most bizarre facts compiled for you.

#6 Most Amazing Example of Total Internal Reflection

Lasers is having a special position in the field of science. Laser is very powerful and incredible in its use. Yes, it’s a fact that a laser can get trapped in water. To make it possible, all you need is just a plastic bottle, a pin to get a hole on bottle and a laser pointer. This is an example of Total Internal Reflection. This phenomenon occurs when the angle of incidence is higher than the critical angle. To make it understandable, you just need to make a hole in bottle filled with water to allow water to drain in a smooth way and then aiming laser beam through the bottle. You will get to see that the laser get tapped in the water and curved its direction with the waterfall instead of going straight in line. Here are some more interesting things compiled for you.

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